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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When people or life let you down

Life can be disappointing...But, God always has plans.

Have you ever fallen into disappointment or despair. I have. It's a sad and lonely place to be emotionally and spiritually. There are lots of reasons we experience this state of being. But, one of the most common is placing our faith in what is not faithful.

Often, we hinge our faith on humans, or systems (created by humans) and when they fail, we are hurt. This hurt, if not remedied with the Word of God, can quickly turn to bitterness and even depression. Neither are God's will for you.

In my personal experience, I battle the conclusions of medical professionals. Sometimes, I have to battle conclusions of well-meaning Christians.

We cannot and should not trust anyone 100% except Jesus Christ. He is the only infallible and 100 % faithful One. Time and time again, I have seen doctors say one thing only to come back a short time later saying "I'm not sure what happened, but you have improved.". Yes, God is in control. He will never disappoint. Even when He gives us something different than what we ask for, His peace soothes us through the sting of disappointment.

So, if your friends have not been there for you. Or your friends "leave you hanging" does not matter, trust God. Maybe the guy of your dreams didn't marry you like he said he would. Perhaps, your husband has the compassion and sensitivity of sheet doesn't matter. Keep your faith in God and count on Him and Him alone for what you need and you'll be just fine. People will forever disappoint, cars will wear out and water is wet- all are part of life.

Remember, GodsyGirl Girl, your faith is only as good as what you place it in. Place it in the One who never fails. Amen?

Note: Special thanks to Lynn. She knows why. :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Knowing God's will...knowing when to pray

Knowing God's will...knowing when to pray for what you want...

God has been gracious- more so than usual. My family's storm has been stilled by the hand of God. You may not know it, but i've been blogging for years about a particular struggle in my family. Finally, a positive medical report has been delivered. Only God can do what was done. Only God could have caused organ's that had ceased from working to function as they should. Only God could cause one of the leading medical professionals in the city to eat his words. Only God.

Many are surprised. Although, they meant well, several people told me the situation was God's will and the medical death report was something I had to accept. But, God helped me to have more faith in His promises than I did medical prognosis or the faithless words of well meaning friends. It wasn't me, but the matchless power of God's word. When we believe God's word, earthly destinies an be altered, family cycles can be stopped and legacies can be changed...and people can experience new hope.

You see, I understand God's will. I understand it quite well. When I buried the majority of my family before I turned 26, I learned to accept God's will. I also learned to study God's word and learn how He moves in the earth. This is so important because, then you will learn His ways and not put all your faith in the reports of men.

Hey, I know that some elements of life cannot and should not be changed. It's not for me to decide which are which, that God's job, but, His word told me I could make my request known and leave all the details to Him. His sovereign will shall always rule, but I'm so grateful I can express to Him what I would like to see occur (Phil.4:6)

For example, what if Moses hadn't interceded for the children of Israel in Exodus 32? After they acted foolish, God has decided to destroy them. What if Moses had passively said "I guess we must accept God's will...". Then so many of the victories of the old testament would not have not been told. But He didn't, instead Moses (in verses 11-14) asked God for a different outcome.
Amazingly, God the Creator of the universe, the Master of all, changed His mind( in verse 14) to show us that He hears us, cares about our desires and is endlessly merciful! Isn't that awesome? What if the woman with the issue of blood hadn't tried to reach out to Jesus? What if she had just said "maybe, it's God's will I be sick"? What if Paul had accepted the scales on His eyes and said "maybe it's God's will"... In spite of God saying the opposite!

So, never forget, God cares not only about your salvation in eternity, but also your comfort on earth. Now, know this: He will not always grant you what you want. Sometimes, you don't know what you want, other times,what you want will cause damage to you and His plan for your life. He is the Decider not you. In such cases, you just trust Him. Amen?

P.S. thank you for your emails, prayers and words of encouragement.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shifting to an atmosphere of praise

Shift your atmosphere to praise and worship.
Most people in my life know my family is experiencing a challenging season...I am experiencing a challenging season. My goal in this is simple: to look for God's hand (his blessings) in the current tribulation; glorify Him now and so I can share my experiences of His comfort with someone else in the future. This posturing encourages me to stay pinned in praise. It also and helps me focus on the miracle working power of the Lord. Worship activates my faith and minimizes my fear. It reminds me His banner over me is love and that He is forever with me.

Tonight, after a rough evening at the hospital, I thought I might find some comfort in a hot cup of tea. Everyone in my home was asleep. The house was quiet. Then, I heard a faint, soft whimpering as I stirred my tea. A few seconds passed before I realized it was me. My heavy heart was releasing itself without my awareness.

This concept fascinates me. Think about it, if my pain can subconsciously release itself without my knowledge, then so can my praise. I pray that my love, passion and connection to God is so strong that I will praise Him, adore Him and worship Him without my natural mind even knowing it, analyzing it or qualifying it. I can go even further! May my spiritual reflexes be so in tuned to His heartbeat that I speak His words, love the way He loves and walk in the confidence of knowing He is in full and complete control of everything. In it when we abide in Him that His love chases us down and overwhelms us in joy.

Sometimes, His love will enrapture us with a supernatural fervor. Other times, He will lead some one to bless us He did me today. I was blessed with a beautiful bouquet from a family of friends I love very much. Whichever way He chooses, rest assured, God's comfort is close enough to bring enduring peace and shift your atmosphere from sorrow to worship!

Forgive typos...

God bless Jason Nelson for singing this song!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

3 things to remember in the midst of a battle

1. Know which people to hold close and which should be distanced. Let's face it, some people are not good in times of trouble. Know the difference between those who can pray prayers that reach the very realms of heaven and those that are good for a trip to Burger King. Forgive my smugness, but spiritual maternity is to be valued.

Some people May not have the maturity you need in spiritual wartime, or they just may have weak faith. Either way, the last thing you need is someone speaking faith-less words of logic, past history or earthly facts. In a battle, you need folks who can believe God for a miracle in the face of a bad report or horrendous circumstances. I dare not name names, but the Christian music, listening ears and text support is a blessing. :)

2. When it comes to taking vitamins, I'm the worst. I hate taking any kind of pill, but ones I have to take daily make me itch. I'm that person that resorts to vitamins only after my throat gets sore or my nose begins to run. As you know, by that point, it is usually too late for vitamins to help. The immune system was already compromised.

You know where I'm headed.

Thankfully, God has built extra special grace into your Christian walk. Isn't that wonderful? Here's how it works: no matter how many "spiritual" vitamins you've missed over the course of your day, week, month or decade, all you have to do is...throw yourself into God's plan and allow it to work supernatural wonders in your situation! Dive into the Word of God! Inhale it. Treat it like spiritual bread! Hey Frazier can't help you, the Golden Girls have nothing to offer you in your distress. So, turn your tv off or turn on a sound Bible teacher. The strength you'll glean will give you the sustenance to get through your trial- day by day...moment by moment.

3. One day, in the midst of a trial, the Holy Spirit said to me "do you believe everything will be ok?" In my spirit, I responded the affirmative. He then said "then act like it, look like it and speak like it?" WOW! I knew to what He was referring. While saying God was working things out, I was walking around looking like a hopeless sheep devoid of peace. Riddled by fear, worry and doubt, I weakened my own faith with my behaviors.

I instantly got my hair together, put on some makeup and wore a smile comprised of faith. After that, When people asked how things were going in my situation, I replied with the Word of God or a praise to the Holy God of the universe.

So, as you journey through your difficult season, let your exterior mirror the victory and faith of your interior. Not in vanity, but in a daily normalcy. Amen?


1. Watch who has a "front row seat" in your tribulation.

2. Feed your spirit with the Word. Search, write down and keep the Word close at all times.

3. Don't articulate that you're trusting God while appearing defeated. Smile and reflect Kingdom victory!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Praying for others...

Noble or Nosey?

Today, somone on a Christian televsion show said in order to pray for a person, we must know details of their prayer request. I disagree.

Our job is to pray according to God's Word and allow the Holy Spirit to do the rest. You see, we are human and can often fall short in prayer because we do not know how to pray the way we ought. During those times, the Holy Spirit steps in (and steps up) to intercede for us with groanings that cannot be uttered.

You can pray effectively without knowing every
intricate detail of a person’s life.

In fact, I don’t
think people should ever feel pressured to share the
personal concerns of their heart in order to receive prayer.

Everyone does not have the spiritual maturity associated with keeping a confidence, refraining from personal judgment or abstaining from discussing what they learn about others. Now, if people volunteer information, that’s different. I’m discussing the need to ask.

Relying on the Holy Spirit builds faith
Years ago, if someone asked me to pray, I would often respond with, “I sure will, what’s going on?” Then, the Lord prompted me to begin praying for people without asking any questions. Intitially, it was like walking in a strange room blindfolded. It was a journey in faith, but it trained me to pray God’s word and not according to feeling or emotion. You see, emotion doesn’t move the hand of God; He is only true to faith and His Word.

Motives…a great gauge
Some people want to know specific prayer requests simply because they are...well... nosy. You know I’m right. Others operate in the need to control and be “in the know” - both can be issues of pride. Godsy Girl, once we realize that God does not “need” us to bring deliverance; the more effective we can be in ministry, prayer and relationships. In fact, often times, after I pray for a person, they say I accurately prayed for their situation WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING what it was! What a blessing! It’s a blessing because during those times, the Holy Spirit of God gets all the glory.

Note: Now, if someone needs or wants to talk,
that is a different situation all together. We can support
one another with a listening ear and by giving counsel when
the Holy Spirit leads us to do so.

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